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Weekly workshops

Clichés Urbains has provided photographic workshops to youths (6-12) living in urban peripheries since 2007.

Proposed at the association's headquarters and within the schools (TAP), the workshops are free and open to all. They are provided by our professional photographers, with the assistance of volunteer members of the association.

Affiche Atelier 2015 2
Affiche Atelier 2015 3
Affiche Atelier 2014 2
Affiche Atelier 2014 1
Affiche Ateliers Samedi 2012
Affiche Atelier 2015

During the workshops the youths are initiated to film and digital photography through many playful techniques or approaches. In addition to teaching technical skills, Clichés Urbains seeks to develop the participants' approach to the image and their environment. Creating a photograph in a familiar environment, one is mechanically lead to address instant, beauty, creativity and get in touch with its own sensitivity. 

An exhibition is organized in the neighborhood after each school year of workshops. The images are shown throughout the next year in many public venues, creating exchange and discussions, and inviting inhabitants to look at their environment differently. The exhibitions help foster self-esteem and peaceful relations within the neighborhood.
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