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Visual mediation

By maintaining a close collaboration with local associations, landlords and residents, Clichés Urbains creates interactions with the public, through visual actions, questioning civic issues and creating social bond and harmony in our neighborhoods.

2019. Flandre photographed. The 19th district in 1900 : Creation of 150 living postcards with the neighbourhood's inhabitants, posing in front of images of the district in 1900 dressed as if they were living in that time period. The many studios led in the neighbourhood and during Paris Plages (beaches in Paris during the summer), as much as the following exhibition, were a way to participate in the district's life and memory.

October 2018 - ongoing: The Garden Super Heroes : exhibition of six photomontages representing the cleaning staff from the "Orgues de Flandre" area, created to raise awareness amongst inhabitants and users towards the colossal work accomplished by those workers, and the necessary collaboration from everyone in order to limit the harmful and damaging impact of everyday waste. We have since added a second aspect to this project, by organizing multiple photo studios where Ourcq-Léon Giraud and Charles Hermite community members are photographed as superheroes fighting to protect nature. This project will be extended to other communities in the near future.

October 2018. Studio Rétro : creation of living postcards with the residents from the Michelet Residence, posing in front of a decor representing their living place 50 years ago and wearing costumes to slip into a 70s resident’s skin. Both the animation (participative photoshoots installed numerous times in the neighborhood) and the following exhibition are fortunate occasions to create some bonds between the residents, resurrect the collective memory of the area and contribute to invent the conditions for a better future together. 

Reportages. With its artistic and visual experience deeply connected to humankind, Clichés Urbains also documents local events and actors, in order to promote virtuous initiatives and highlight popular neighborhoods and their richness. The association is often commissioned by landlords, collectivities and associative groups for those missions.